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Popular drinking game which originated in upstate New York. It was named after the Star Trek Captain, Jean-Luc Picard. Players start with a full beverage (ie. beer) and proceed to 'chug' or drink the beer as fast as they can. The first one done becomes Captain Picard, he/she then gets to choose someone else to do a 'jig' with them. The two players must now compete to be the first one done with their beer, while dancing an irish-like riverdance jig. The winner becomes the new Captain Picard and the game continues.
Frank: "Dude, what do you guys want to do
tonight? ...we have a lot of beer
and nowhere to go."
Mable: "How about we play
Captain Picard does a jig?"
Lester: "Yeah, that sounds pretty good!
We'll get drunk fast and it'll
be hilarious trying to
riverdance while drinking!"
by Sir Francis Drake Glendale III January 29, 2009
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