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Ryan Ross's cat that is really FUCKING ADORABLE. Ryan takes lots of instagram pictures of him and makes cat criers everywhere cry even more. Cptn. Knots, when in a picture with Ryan, makes fangirl hearts everywhere melt from the overload of cuteness.
"Oh my God, isn't Ryan Ross's cat so ADORABLE?" "Yeah! Captain Knots is like, the cutest cat ever!"
by theyseemeryden January 12, 2013
11 2

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Being a uptight bastard or bitch.
Get a load of this guy, thinks he owns the place, thinks he's Captain Knots.
by Torsoboy01 April 22, 2010
23 3
An amazing man who is the best at League of Legends and being awesome.
Look over there it's a Captain Knots kicking ass in LoL.
by AmbientWalrus September 08, 2012
7 3