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A superhero from the Capcom game "Captain Commando". The game was a beat 'em up following in the footsteps of Final Fight. The character returned later for the Marvel vs Capcom games and most recently, Namco x Capcom (Japan-only game).

If you take the first three letters of Captain and the first three letters of Commando, it spells Capcom.
*At the Avengers Headquarters*
Avengers Crew: H.Q. to each member of the Avengers...The dreadful Onslaught has disappeared. Repeat.

Captain Commando: We've defeated Onslaught. Now the earth will be at peace.

Avengers Crew: W...Who are you?

Captain Commando: I am...CAPTAIN COMMANDO!
by CapComfan June 26, 2007
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