Analogous to "fisting", capping is the act or art of inserting a bent knee into a vagina (this may require vast amounts of lubrication). Upon completion, the 'capper' may straighten out their leg to remove the knee from the 'cappie's' orifice.
"I saw this capping video on the net ... the whole damn knee was inserted in her!"
by TrinityHH June 24, 2007
Top Definition
The act of shooting a gun
Big Dog whipped out his gun and starting capping.
by The Sidekick November 27, 2007
The act of cussing someone out and/or yelling at that person online on a website forum or in an instant messenger.
Tom: Why are you capping me? You're a jackass.
by YapmelkXela December 06, 2009
1. When someone writes in all capital letters.
Usually used to yell on a facebook, myspace, twitter, (etc.), or even a text message.

2. Can also be used when laughin
Gabby: i heard you and that girl toya was beefin.


Gabby: who you capping at.


Gabby: she was all mad cappin at me and shit

Amber: WOW! LMAO!
by Bunny.DeF September 11, 2009
Random girl comes on webcam to meet new people and is persuaded by random people (competing for points) to flash various body parts, not knowing that screen captures of video will surface on the world wide web within 30 seconds. The video will be traded on websites by hundreds of people and streamed. Videos are traded by collectors. Blackmailers get hold of the videos and information on the girls then hunt them and use the videos as leverage to get the girls under their control and command eg forced to do sex shows. Groups of heroes or 'white knights' who may also be paedophiles run around trying to save the girls from the blackmailing paedophiles. The Cappers and heroes fight to add the girls to their own collection. Source - the daily capper on u-tube for the week of August 15th 2010
The 2010 capper awards on you-tube granted awards to the cappers who captured the most screen shots of girls and to the most prolific sextortionist among those involved in capping.
by Disgusted by cappers October 25, 2012
the act of smoking drugs with various people

word adopted in South Miami, Florida
Where's Charles?

Oh he's capping with Ben right now!
by Dizzy Strad September 29, 2009
The act of putting a new keg's cap in anothers beer thus causing said person to chug their beer.
Dat kewt gurl was goin round capping all dem people last night.
by carpetcleaner6969 September 18, 2011
Comes before Recapping. To recap something, you must first cap it.
Student: "What are we doing today, Sir?"
Teacher: "We'll be recapping Calculus, boy."
Student: "But Sir, please Sir, we haven't even capped it yet!"
by OJFord September 27, 2011

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