The act of putting a new keg's cap in anothers beer thus causing said person to chug their beer.
Dat kewt gurl was goin round capping all dem people last night.
by carpetcleaner6969 September 18, 2011
1 Capturing the flag in games (such as paintball or Halo) where the object is to capture the opponent's flag and return it to one's base
Everyone just fucked around while I was busy capping the flag... ungrateful bastards
by The damn co-op December 07, 2004
Analogous to "fisting", capping is the act or art of inserting a bent knee into a vagina (this may require vast amounts of lubrication). Upon completion, the 'capper' may straighten out their leg to remove the knee from the 'cappie's' orifice.
"I saw this capping video on the net ... the whole damn knee was inserted in her!"
by TrinityHH June 24, 2007
To have a piercing of one's PA. To then remove the piercing, and masturbate in such a way that when ejaculation occurs, the tip of the penis is covered in order for the semen to be expelled via the pierced hole.
Patrick Drummand is frequently involved in capping.
by Your name June 24, 2004
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