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A Modern Warfare 2 free for all gametype created by Conor Boyle during summer 2010 (before black ops announced their 'one in the chamber' gametype) where all the players must start with a magnum with any attachment. Players must shoot all ammo out until they have as many bullets as there are people in the game BEFORE moving (so if theres 4 people including you, you have 3 bullets) and you must kill them all with 1 bullet each. you may pick up a persons ammo after you have killed them. Game ends when all players are dead except one. And while playing the game you must run around saying "YERG!! Im Capn Jack Sparrow! Yerg!!" as a reference to pirates of the carribbean
Michael: What game should we play?

Conor: How about Capn Jack Sparrow?

Michael: Fuck no.
by TastiestFoot September 19, 2010
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