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Derogatory term for lazy, ignorant or all-together unintelligent Indians. Does not apply to all Indians, just individuals with the aforementioned attributes. In theory, anybody can be a Canman, the only true prerequisite is ignorance.
Factory Worker one: Hey Dave, a Canman stole my job today. The stupid bastard worked for half my salary.

Factory Worker two: Wow, that sucks. How's Marge gonna take it?

Factory Worker one: Not well, she loves their movies.
by George Snorewell April 27, 2012
Named after counter-strike source legendary player who goes by the name canman or OIL CAN MAN. A person who pwns n00bs all the time with no complaint. man who can do the job is a canman.
john: are you a canman or cant man?
tom: a canman
john: then get your ass out of spectate & pwn!
tom: yes sir!
by crescons October 20, 2008
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