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A cocksucker
Why yes Mary, you are going to have to give the chickens a flea bath. Those Canisis ticks are killing our birds!
by Canisis August 18, 2003
2 2

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God dammit, that bastard Canisis trained us again.
by Danahick August 18, 2003
2 2
A homosexual; prostitute; Slave Girl to Dain Frostreaver IV
Canisis is one gay newbie, Indeed.
by Danalik August 16, 2003
2 3
A hillbilly; hick; bumpkin; ho-bo; clodhopper; yokel; One who grows their hair into a mullet.
Wow that Canisis is one hick. I wish he would put down that banjo, washboard, and jug.

Damn that pig fucking hick Canisis! He done raped all my piggies! Damn his mullet and straw hat!
1 3