A candy raver. A bit more derogatory
Shelly turned into a total candy head this summer. All she does is rave now. I think shes eaten about 50 ring pops.
by lollerbunny February 24, 2008
Top Definition
noun or verb; The act of giving oral sex with a mouth full of candy. This expression was first epitomized by MC Chris in his rap song, "I want Candy".
Example 1.
Dude #1 ~Say Bro, Jane totally had a mouth full of dark chocolate swirling around in her mouth while she sucked my creamsickle.

Dude #2 ~Yeh dude, she hooked you up on some of that candy head, you lucky bastard.

Example 2.
Dude #1 ~That bitch had some damn peppermints in her mouth when she sucked me off! Felt like goddam broken glass.

Dude #2 ~Yeh bro, she's a total candy head.
by fknugly February 02, 2012
People That would Eat candy Almost Every Day

(if they run out they buy more)
(parent): What You Want For Dinner Kids
(Kids): Candy!!

Next day the same thing

(Next Door Neighbor Watchin): There Such Candy Heads
by UnknownMAn123 December 30, 2009
A person who loves candy; someone who eats too much candy
You don't what to know how much of a candy head I am.
by Ck12345 December 02, 2014
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