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2 definitions by fknugly

noun or verb; The act of giving oral sex with a mouth full of candy. This expression was first epitomized by MC Chris in his rap song, "I want Candy".
Example 1.
Dude #1 ~Say Bro, Jane totally had a mouth full of dark chocolate swirling around in her mouth while she sucked my creamsickle.

Dude #2 ~Yeh dude, she hooked you up on some of that candy head, you lucky bastard.

Example 2.
Dude #1 ~That bitch had some damn peppermints in her mouth when she sucked me off! Felt like goddam broken glass.

Dude #2 ~Yeh bro, she's a total candy head.
by fknugly February 02, 2012
Someone who is really, REALLY negative.
"Who invited all them neggers to the party!? If they don't stop talking about slavery, genocide and 9/11, I'm gonna lose my buzz.
by fknugly January 11, 2012