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1. noun, a way of calling someone a butt, or hating them.
2. noun, or just a way to make you look stupid
(Lola)-whore! stop kissing my boyfriend!
(Brina)-at least im not a candyass!
(Lola)-HA! What's a candyass?
by jali December 15, 2007
10 56
Someone who is sweet to the point of pansitude. They want people to kiss thier ass, so they suck up and never fight anything.

SYNONYMS: weenie, pansy, brown-noser, Gamecube User
He is such a candy-ass bitch
by ElCapitan November 03, 2004
16 77
its the new word for a hoe.
that girl over thee be a candyass.
by lauren February 28, 2005
6 107