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A person who possesses candy like traits, is silly as fuck, or just acts gay. The candy level of a candy ass nigga goes up every time they smoke weed. You will automatically know who a candy ass nigga is once you see one.
candy ass: "dude, have you heard that song 1000 miles by Vanessa Carlton? omg i love it!!!
dude: ...................................CANDY ASS NIGGA!!!!!!!!
dude2: shut dat shit up candy
by SandNig01 July 22, 2011
A time period before madonna, where life was bland, depressing, and shitty all around. Calling a person a premadonna would insult them as if they r from a time period before madonna was born. Similar to BC and AD. This is more like PM.
Shelly: oh em ge kelly look at how ugly emily's dress is..
Kelly: hey emily! Way to dress like a premadonna u weird loser!

Emily: this is my dead mothers dress u cunt lip cock-sockets!
by SandNig01 March 10, 2016
the most disgusting lesbian action on the web! seriously do not watch this if u don't wanna be scared for life. This is a video of two girls enjoying a cup of shit... they lick it, make out with it, swallow it, throw it back up into the other girls mouth, and have much more disgusting fun with it...
not lesbian action u see on any porn site....there is somthing physically and mentally wrong with these girls....they like to eat shit....makes u wonder if shit tastes that good......WTF?!?!!??!?!?!?!....u will cry after watching 2girls1cup!!!
by SandNig01 December 03, 2007

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