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One who is addicted to the Facebook made famous cellphone game that is similar to bejeweled. This person sits and plays candy crush in his or her free time between tasks. All free time is consumed by playing the game and either trying to beat endless and pointless levels of little colorful candy pieces. One is classified as a addict if he or she can not function without playing the game. Also this person continuously sends out requests for lives on Facebook like the game is going out of style.
Person 1: Hey I got like 100 invites from Franie for Candy Crush.

Person 2: Yeah me too!

Person 1: This guy is ridiculous, seems like all he does is play candy crush.

Person 2: Right, this dude is a freaking candy crush addict!
by That Raffy Taffy June 25, 2013
Someone overly obsessed with defeating candy crush levels to the point that they tell their friends if they love them they will buy them 22.99 cards for unlimeted play and extra power ups. Usually named trevor.
My buddy is a total candy crush addict.
by Buttons79 May 10, 2016
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