Contrary to definitions 1 and 2 of this word, it means nothing of the sort. Clearly the authors of this definition are males who have been scorned by women/transvestites named Candice. But they cannot and should not blame it on Candice, but rather the fact that they are so horny and foul that they will have sex with any female (whether she has a penis or not). Candice is a beautiful, smart and sexy girl with a terrific sense of humor.
Bob: Did you see that new girl in accounting?

Jim: Yeah, she is so smart, funny and beautiful. She is a total Candice.
by Tommy R. September 12, 2007
a filler word better used to describe a person place or thing that is just plain stup.
1.that dumb bih candice.
by meggoodspec September 16, 2008
A Cannibal
I ate someone yetserday.

YOUR A Candice?
by George Lopez in da hiz house July 10, 2008
a girl that enjoys being on drugs 24/7, cheating , and being a total heartbreaker.
John: dude i had a blast last night there was this chick i totally scored and pretty much i think im in love!!
Mike: what did she look like??
John: brunette and a damn fine body.
Mike: are you serious?!?!?
John: yea why???
Mike: i scored with her too!!!!
John: damn it another CANDICE
by traumma007 November 04, 2007
a girl who enjoys gold digging and playing men to get to the goods
john : i dated this chick.. all she wanted was sex.
chad: major candice, bro. major. you want some soft pretzel?
by teddieee July 13, 2006

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