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The original C-Town, a small south shore (off of Montreal) suburb, bordering the famous St-Laurence River. It is simply as close to "Wisteria Lane" (Desperate Housewives) as one can get. Where the housewives on the golf are reminiscent of "The Stepford Wives" and fountains are mandatory. Yes Candiac is a beautiful place, excluding champlain park of course. There are few foreigners, and industry is abundant - there is even a Chanel perfume bottling plant. The hobo goes door to door collecting cans for recycling. And the streets are always clean.
Candiac is perfect. The town of Candiac is by far superior to the town of Chateauguay. Candiac is exit 99 off of the highway 30.
by Mike Hawk Issard June 21, 2008
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