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Candeh- is a girl on TeenSpot. She is 13(this I am not too sure of, and think she lies about her age) and she is a whore, slut, skank. And an all around douchebag. The name "Candeh" is also synonymous with the word "whore" or "skank" and "slut" oh, and "cumdumpster" like "OMG SHE IS SUCH A CANDEH" would be said about a girl who whores around, or sleeps around. You do not want to be a Candeh- and if you ever meet her on TeenSpot brace yourself. She jumps on everyones e-cock.
"She is such a Candeh"
"Quit being a Candeh"
"Ew I hate Candeh-"
by TheCandeh July 10, 2008
An all purpose word, used as a conjunction or in response to a question. Has a positive connatation, as opossed to Flossy.

NB: Not to be confused with candy
"Are we going to woden this arvo?"

"But what about the candeh!"
by prowl March 31, 2005
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