The homosexual pioneers who move into an undesirable area, carve out a home for themselves, and transform it into an up-and-coming neighborhood, or "gayborhood."

Like canaries in a mine, if they survive, others can stay and thrive, as well.
The rapid influx of canaries served as the saving grace for a neighborhood that was otherwise doomed to a future void of bright colors and Chardonnay.
by Manack January 22, 2012
a small songbird from the finch family. they can be found in the wild in places such as the canary islands but they are also bred for domestic pets. only the males sing. they come in many varieties of colours and types.
my canary can sing beautifully.
by little miss shy May 19, 2007
A word used to describe yellow diamonds.
That canary was so big, I thought it was a frozen lemonhead.
by Harry Bozak April 18, 2007
a free person who doesnt have herself comepletle figured out yet, has so many ideal but not very realistic, a broken girl who wants to fix the whole wide world
your as free as a canary right before she sings er song, waiting for the right moment to make someone smile
by you may say i'm a dreamer January 24, 2009
1. a popular female musician

2. an informer(because a canary sings)
That canary won't shut up after what happened yesterday.
by The Return of Light Joker March 07, 2009
Within tight circles of friends of lash artists and professional poppers of all things to be consumed the forerunner in such activities is the canary. When the canary snuffs it, do not allow time to mourn, just run as fast as your semi-jaundiced arse will allow to a world of self-righteous sobriety.
Shit Dan the canary is dead. Better make mine a half.
by Tagg Line April 18, 2007
someone who is scary, ain't got no balls a yellow belly
Yo son i thought he was soldier but when we had beef he turned out to be a canary
by Zany Zane September 19, 2007

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