When you pour a bottle of maple syrup over your lady when having sex in a Tim Hortons Bathroom.
"Hey Sarah, why are you so sticky?"
"Oh Jim decided to give me a Canadian Tuxedo yesterday."
by MrDingDing December 23, 2015
A combination of wearing a pair of jeans and a jean jacket.
I can't believe John wore a Canadian Tuxedo to hisbown wedding!
by jomamaobama May 28, 2015
A word used describing the denim jacket wornout old 80's look that this guy named randy that is an old alcoholic and allways asks you to buy a beer.
hey did you see randies canadian tuxedo he must sleep in.
by burnyourlife October 18, 2004
Disgustingly unfashionable clothing worn by Canadians or blue-collar Americans. They usually refer to one of the two...

1) Denim on denim. A jean jacket with a matching pair of jeans.

2) A plaid button-down shirt and a pair of dickies.

Like the guido tuxedo (tracksuit shananigans), these clothes aren't suited for anything other than a casual party. Unlike the guido tuxedo, a Canadian tuxedo isn't really suited for a casual party either.
Hey, we are going to a hockey/nascar/wrestling event. Bring your Canadian tuxedo.
by The Sub February 04, 2005
Sterotypical term referring to how everything in Canada is below everythign in America by saying that an American is to Canada as a tuxedo is to a jean jacket.
Hey, look at that guy's Canadian tuxedo, he thinks he's all bad!
by B-Jax June 27, 2004
A sexual act where the male makes an incision in the female's breasts to draw blood, then proceeds to ejaculate on her chest.
"Man I cut my girlfriend pretty deep before I jizzed on her tits when I gave her a Canadian Tuxedo."
by Marc Smith November 22, 2007
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