During WW2 was a highly trained and elite fighting force, highly respected and very well trained. Post WW2 Canadian forces is About 7 guys Drinking Alexander Keith's in a field with a 1967 Ford Pickup and some sharp pointy sticks.
Dude 1: Dont worry man, the Canadians will save us from these terrorists
Dude 2: What kind of shit are you smoking? The Canadian forces are passed out drunk after last nights Kegger.
by Mike Gadalphi December 07, 2006
Top Definition
The 3 brances of the canadian military, Army, Navy and Air after unification under former prime minister trudeau. Used to be known as Canadian Armed Forces before the name change to simply Canadian Forces. Consists of Land Command, Maritime command and Air command. These 3 elements make up what is known as the canadian army, canadian navy and canadian airforce. Members of all 3 elements are highly trained and respected professionals who defend the nation and keep the light of freedom burning across the world.
Who defends the nation? Canadian forces.
Who defends those who can not defend themselves? canadian forces.
who helps the weak and innocent? canadian forces.
who will never surrender and never give up? the canadian forces.
by burning_arc May 21, 2006
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