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Canada(or Matthew Williams) is a character from Axis Powers: Hetalia.

He is usually known as "the forgotten one", and everyone mistakes him for his "older brother" America(Alfred F. Jones).

Some people don't even notice his all...

He's also really quiet. When he talks it seems like he's whispering, while his "older brother" America sounds like he's yelling all the time while he's talking.

He's also included a lot in pairings such as FranceXCanada,

AmericaXCanada, CubaXCanada, UkraineXCanada...etc...
Arthur Kirkland(Britain/England/UK): "Hey, America!"

Matthew Williams(Canada): "I'm not America, I'm Canada! Please get it right."

Arthur Kirkland(Britain/England/UK): "Oh, sorry Canada..."

Francis Bonnefoy(France): "It's Canada, duh... Can't you reconise him from his sexy 'air?"

And that's Canada(Character).
by Final Fantasy DUNDUNDUN September 10, 2011
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