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Phrase used to explain the inability to force another to display conscientious behavior to complete a task properly; the inability to impart upon another individual a sense of duty or obligation (give-a-shit) that would otherwise be felt by a normal person in the same role. Usually used as a reactionary expression of disappointment and/or exasperation.
Ex 1. Employer describing employees: "Every time a copier runs out of paper, my employees will just use another copier instead of filling the first one up... you just can't teach give-a-shit!"

Ex 2. Homeowner describing contractor: "I hired some painters to paint my house and they didn't bother to remove the shutters around the windows, now only one side of the shutters are painted and the house color behind the shutters is unchanged! You just can't teach give-a-shit!"

Ex 3. Parent describing their child: "My son keeps leaving the door wide open when he leaves for school. No matter how many times I remind him, he never remembers to close the door behind him. I guess you just can't teach give-a-shit."
by Dougboyisms June 09, 2013

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