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adjective describing an individual who is constantly fucking up, causing fuck ups, or is always in the middle of a fucked up situation

noun-person who is constantly looking like Helen Keller dressed them
Man1: Dude there goes Cory again! Look at him.

Man2: Man, Cory is one can't get right mutha fucker.
by mjp917s November 17, 2010
erectile dysfunction when being with an attractive woman, due to extreme intoxication or being a closet homosexual
Yo son, Kevin can't get right. His dick was mad soft with that bitch. He drank too much, guy. I mean, he could be gay, son.
by Carl Carlsburg July 10, 2008
can not achieve an erection for intercourse
hey, there goes can'tgetright.... we heard about him...
i heard he played all in it and couldn't get up..
by hollister nc April 21, 2003