an awesome girl who is so beautiful and amazing!shes like a goddess!and any boy named matt duz not deserve her because hes a jerk that dates her friends!she is loved by many guys and so many people want her!she is good at EVERYTHING!including being really hot and sexy!she makes the boys drule!she can send sum really mean txts but shes so hot u cnt get mad at her!Camerons allways have a nice ass!
"that girl is so sexy her name must be cameron!"
"ya look at that ass!"
by CaMmY878 May 18, 2009
that werid kinda emo kid who writes bad poetry and tells you wayyyyy to much about his sex life. he eats to much candy an spits when he talks. He's funny and nice tho, and has pretty good music taste. the only thing thats scary is when he licks his lips when u talk about the bands u like...
jake: what the hell is that?
bob: well, thats clearly a cameron
by Dinosawr rawrrrrrr November 14, 2011
A diva who is really, in all actuality, a mediocre actor, singer, dancer, and person. Cameron is fat, black and sometimes called Simone, due to the fact that he would look like a Simone, if he got long hair (weave).
P1: Dude, did you see Cameron in the musical?

P2: Lol, yeah, he looked like a giant hoho acting a fool in the background.

P1: Roflmao!!!!! Simone is such an ass!!
by SimoneSux69 October 26, 2011
Pipe layer, one who lays pipe
Cameron lays pipe all day everyday.
by cswizzle December 13, 2010
A tall, skinny, pale, greasy like male gorilla, who does not shave his pubes. Also goes by the name Hermin or Herman, has a gay xbox tag and
likes to lie about girls he once "loved," also cheats, and fucking fails at hiding it.
Somehow gets girls on his dick, for reasons we humans do not know.
Likes to push people around, and can come off as a funny guy, but really, he's a flaming faggot jerk face of a fucking asshole, and should get hit by a fatty school bus, or perhaps gain 258 lbs, and suffocate himself in bed.

Also, see cheater, asshole, loser, and liar.

R u srs? I dun see Cameron around....

herminissquirmin? wtf?

oh that's such a cameron gamer tag.
by psychopinkfluffbawl February 06, 2011
A sweet, loving guy that will do just about anything for you (except grow out his hair)

Wants to be a cowboy and drive a red truck with country music being the only thing that plays.
tends to accuse people fast but it wont matter once he hears the truth
Awww he's SUCH a cameron!
by Zafrina12 August 10, 2009
"Iron Claw," usually a man who thinks that he's really experienced, when in fact he is not. He uses his fingers in a rough manor.
Cameron: a creature with abnormally strong and curved fingers used for the destruction of vaginas.
by Survivor of the claw February 21, 2010

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