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The name of a well known person or celebrity used to describe an action or situation, normally put into past tense,(ending in "ed") and followed by "that hoe".
Example 1 (cameono)

Speaker 1: I could'nt get the dog to let go of my little brother, so I shot it.

Speaker 2: Damn, so you Michel Vicked that hoe?

Speaker 1: I had to, Cuz!

Example 2

Speaker 1: They say when John crashed he totaled his car and died instantly.

Speaker 2: Instantly? He must have Pincess Dianna'd that hoe!

Example 3

Speaker 1: While I was cleaning my gun it accidentily went off and the bullet hit my leg.

Speaker 2: Ha,ha,ha! You Plaxico Burresed yourself!
by Bo-C April 29, 2009
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