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A cool person! An all rounder, good at everything, the real question is what she's not good at. Definitely pure, does not have Chlamydia and is not a slut. Can be a bitch if you piss her off. Has heaps of friends and everyone loves her, you can't help it aye.
You know that chick camellia?

yeah, she's pretty fucking cool aye.
by Ilovebeau September 14, 2012
camellia is one of the most rarer of the laydee lankans a tamilous hottrificus breed it only resides in the Eastern part of toronto and is known to be quite a treat for the eye. It seems to elude the noisey and loud mouthed watchers, but seems to be very interested in the more intelectual camellia watchers(those who go sight seeing, with binoculars for the camellia)
SEEEEEN...tamilus hottesttofcus(camellia)
the camellia was spotted with the mate male tamilus hotterificus looking for bumbagoats.
by CameLiA October 28, 2006
A Cameliia is a person who can also be called the following: whore, skank, bitch, slut, cum bucket, tramp, hooker, floozy, dumb ass idiot, chlamydia.
That girl over there has her knickers round her ankles...must be Camellia.

You've got that highly contagious STD? Must be chlamydia from Camellia.
by nolongerthere September 01, 2012

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