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Noun refering to the small pieces of paper glued to the back of Camel cigarette packs. Saved and raded in to recieve 'free' things, unless you count the fact that you bought 20,000 packs of cigs to do it.
The useless pieces of paper covering the backseat floor of my car.
by Richard 'Dick' Nixon August 14, 2004
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Often expressed through :camel: and :dollar: emojis, the phrase camel cash refers to a person that is able to perform over exceeded expectations with minimal time and/or resources, generally making a substantial profit for all parties involved.
"Man, Hank really pulled that one out of his derriere. Hank is grad A Camel Cash."
Stacy to Patrice: "Patrice, how did you get this done on time??" Patrice to Stacy: "Camel Cash"
by buzzko March 28, 2017
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