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A tremendous word of orgasmic pleasure and supreme happiness. The ultimate feeling and sensation. Calumy symbolises the best thing ever. Only a few gurus and intellects have achieved this feeling, included Binyon. Calumy is used in north west chester as a ghetto word and is used frequently, although many are not worthy. (used by many clans such as emos, chavs, binyonos and moshers)
We have saved the world, you are calumy!!!

Not even Ghandi is calumy!!!!

my, steve that sexual intercourse was fine, you were almost calumy!!!

I would pay everything to be calumy!!

I can turn cheese into water.....wow you are calumy!!! ohhhh

maaaate...thats calumy

Get that guy!!! are you joking?? hes calumy

by John mcchicken March 30, 2007

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