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Calm-cat - The latest legal high to hit uk shores. While you certainly can smoke calm-cat, its effectiveness varies for different people. When smoked calm-cat effective, its most common effects include warming throughout the body, a general sense of relaxation and calm, and a sense of mild euphoria sometimes accompanied by giddiness. Inhaling calm-cat smoke can also bring on physical sensations of minty coolness, which usually spread from the back of the throat to the upper chest and persist for about two hours. Many people report that calm-cat sedates them and also seems to have anxiolytic action: some users say that smoking calm-cat helps them find calm after a long day and forget about their worries.

Some people also experience interesting time dilation effects after smoking calm-cat, and tend to both perceive and react to stimuli more slowly; slightly altered vision, including slower movement tracking, also sometimes occurs with smoked calm-cat. Be sure not to drive or do any activities that require coordination and fast reaction time, such as outdoor sports, until you know how your body reacts to calm-cat. While calm-cat does not produce visionary effects when smoked, The overt effects of calm-cat seem to wear off in about two hours for a small dose (about 1.5 grams), returning people to their baseline with little to no noticeable hangover. So not only can you smoke calm cat, but it generally produces quite a pleasant experience!
I've just smoked some calm-cat I can feel it through my bones and blood, its amazing.
by thedrugguy May 25, 2013
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