A Person who takes abuse and anguish with suck graciousness and pounces when the person/persons let suspect it
Dude! Ur such a Calli!,
by Kev Thacker May 09, 2006
A smart, awesome, beautiful girl who loves everyone and is nice to those who are to her. She is very good at drwing and her and her BFF Emily speak the same language and set standards for all the other girls. Both have amazing personalities -but remember- if you mess with either of them-you'll pay for it.
Calli, is sooo beautiful, her and Emily are smartest girls in thje world!
by EmluvsHPandCalli May 04, 2011
consistently always leave lovers initially
I met a beautiful woman, to whom I had lost my heart the first time I met her, after
a six week gap with no word. I asked why she had not been in touch and she said " I calli "
If I may I would like to dedicate this to a close friend, who if she reads this will recognise herself
by CriostoirHulme August 13, 2005

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