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A game set in the 1960's released November 9th, 2010. Absoultely the best Call of Duty games released yet. Unfortunately it can interfere with some important plans, dates, events, etc.
Girl: Hey, wanna go make out later?

Guy: I can't sorry, I gotta go home and play Call of Duty Black Ops.
by Hary Wang November 13, 2010
A game people play not to get noobtubed in.
7th call of duty
The chopper gunner in Call Of Duty Black Ops is awesome.
by Zack Hudson December 30, 2010
1. The seventh, and arguably the worst Call of Duty game made, copying Modern Warfare 2 and adding things to the game purely to make it somewhat different from MW2, even if it makes the game worse.

2. The reason 40-year-old virgins exist
1. Person 1: Hey man you wanna play call of duty black ops?

Person 2: Fuck that, that games a piece of shit.

2. Hot Girl: Hey, u wanna have some fun tonight?

Stupid Guy: Nah, I'm gonna be playing black ops all night.
by Cr4zyd4wg68 May 05, 2011
The single most overrated game of all time, tying with everything else COD related. Seriously, 5 year olds play these games. What has the world come to?
See overrated]

Call of Duty Black Ops, oops, I mean, Call of Doody, sucks
5-yr-old "NuH uH tHiS gAmE IZ LyK tEh bEASTEST nd EpIk
by I hate CoD November 14, 2011
For poeple with no taste who haven't experienced Battlefield, and would rather go for an entirely unrealistic, historically inaccurate game. Also the only reson anyone buys an XBox 360, now that Halo is finished.
Person: 'I just bought Battlefield 2, it's the best game ever!'
Idiot: 'Oh, yeah I've heard of it. Isn't it just like Call of Duty Black Ops?'
by Battlefield Forever! May 16, 2011
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