Cali's are pretty girls with black hair and green/blue eyes. They usually hate people but if you get on their good side you may be in luck. Cali's are friendly to some but not all. People usually make fun of Cali's but in the end it's all fun and games. If you're Cali's friend then cherish being there for them. You may not realize it but you guys need each other and are really good friends. Don't use a Cali and be sure to be an awesome friend for her. Usually Cali's have at least 1 gay guy friend. Cool or not, Cali is the best friend that you will end up needing. <3
Human: Woah, i wish Cali was MY friend.
Human 2: Too bad she's not
Human 3: yeah you're right, she's not your friend. She's mine.
by Ur BFF FOR LIFE September 25, 2010
cali: referring to the great state of california

also in other slang terms could be used in substitute for the word cool, and can be used to describe a beautiful girl usually blonde
1:california- im goin goin back back to cali cali...

2:cool-dude that show so cali

3:girl- that girl cali

btw fuck you if you think people from cali dont use the word cali la jolla all day in the 858 SD
by chillin villain coffee shop June 23, 2010
A girl who is a whore and likes to stuff her bra. usually has a new boy friend when ever she breaks up with an old one. cheats on her boyfriends, usually kisses them and lets other men finger her when she is taken. gets very jealous when boys like her friends. a Cali is a flirt but not good. has to have every guy like and flirt with her. doesn't tell anyone when she has a boyfriend and leads guys on. a Cali is usually a poser, follower. Thinks shes amazing yet always complains, mostly for attention.
Boy: Damn look at cali she looks hot

Friend: Stay away from her, shes bad news

Boy: I guess, shes easy to get into
by whorehater15384836w53 July 26, 2011
An ugly hoe that no one likes. A total bitch. The rudest person EVER. A big drama starter. Usually talks about her best friend; Wendi.
Cali is a bitch. she talks about wendi ALL the time.
by Nora156LeanderTX July 06, 2011
Comes from the Player Darkstar from clans LsD,AkE,DBS and many others, the highest level of CAL. Also Bengar is defined as Cal-I. A compliment of skill.
"You see DBS Darkstar and DBS Bengar they are so CAL-I." "Darkstar Rocked that kids face hes so CAL-I"
by Darkie February 18, 2005
short for California
i'm from socal-i
i'm from norcal-i
i live in LA socal-i
by Eric Lee Noob May 30, 2005
A girl who is very beautiful, with brains to match. She has lots of friends, most of whom are guys, and she loves to laugh. She is very ticklish and has lots of passion for things she enjoys

She enjoys being hugged and kissed.
Hey, look at Cali! She is looking fiiiine today

Man, I wish I was dating Cali
by Surfing Maniac April 07, 2009
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