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A blunt that is wasted by fools who are too scared to smoke a blunt in it's entirety. Not actually called cali rolls in real life. One cuts a rolled blunt into a few proportionate pieces, each person in the session receives one piece. The pieces are smoked out of a bong. While it is true that you can get just as high as you would from smoking a full blunt, it is against the blunt religion to chop it up. Grow some balls, smoke a fat blunt.
Guy 1: Hey bro, go get the scissors

Guy 2: Why?

Guy 1: Lets chop this blunt fool, CALI ROLLS!!!

Guy 2: Nah man that shits hella gay.

Guy 1: No way man its hecka cool cause i saw someone else do it!!!
by AntiTHAT June 30, 2009
Origins : Santa Clara, CA

A blunt wrap(Swishers, Optimos) is rolled with marijuana and cut up into small little pieces, then individually smoked out of a bong. Usually one piece per person.
I'm so blown off these Cali rolls!
by JoocyStacks June 17, 2009
short for "California Roll" or "California Stop"

when you do not come to a full stop at a stop sign or red light, you just kinda roll...like we do in cali. ;)
"NO CALI ROLLS AT THE STOP SIGN, PUNK!" -my driving instructor
by Calie Gal April 08, 2009