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A city in California next to the Mexican border.
We passed through Calexico on the way to my aunts house in Mexico.
by MoNkEy ! ! ! May 23, 2006
a most awesome band with a mix of mexican folk music and rock
"Calexico's latest cd is off the hook"
by anonymous November 02, 2004
Made up of two members from the equally impressive Giant Sand (plus a sometimes rotating group of others), Calexico plays music you don't hear from anyone else.
A blend of mariachi, alt country and alternative styles that makes for some very diverse music, all of which is expertly done. See tracks "Bloodflow," "Crystal Frontier (widescreen edition)" and "Crumble" for the band's range.
That Calexico is mad wack, yo.
by fish! January 11, 2006
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