For iPad or iPhone or iPod in school hours: Skype
For other times: Skype or a gadget to add, subtract or do any maths thing without you having to think.
I prefer the former.
Girl 1: Stop Skyping me! I am doing maths!

Girl 2: On your 'calculator' on your iPad, huh?
Girl 1: Yeah. I am. haha ;)
Girl 2: You are skyping your maths
by MadameIsobella June 21, 2012
Top Definition
Asian Gameboy

pi=100 pts!
Woah Ling Zhi is really playin' that calculator!
by Senor Cool September 11, 2007
My brain, my every ounce of being human
Guy 1: Have you seen my brain?

Guy 2: what? you lost your brain?

Guy 1: yeah, it is green and had buttons on it, oh yeah it say "Texas Instruments" on the front.

Guy 2: dude, that's a calculator

by Who The Douce Are You? April 12, 2005
The reason why we don't need math, especially in high school, when you'd rather be snogging.
Tim: Math is @#$%?&*!!! I hate it! I want to snog!
Tim's dad: This is why there are calculators. Don't forget the rubber, son.
by AdrienneS June 19, 2006
-something that any idiot can use as a cheat sheat(if programmable)
-but that few actually bother to program...

-TI 83
-TI 89 {to expemnsive to own, borrowed from calculus teacher}
-TI 92 {to expensive for school to own, borrowed from Texas insturments}
AnyIdiot: yo I wrote da answers too da test in my calkiladder....and i stull get dem rong

aFeW: I solved the problems in my head, and used the rest of my time to program my calculator to send instant messages, and emails.
by ti June 09, 2004
Cheating device for those to lazy to work out 2+2.
Idiot 1: Dude, what's 2+2?

Idiot 2: Dunno. Steal Jane's calculator.
by Tyler Christie October 13, 2008
for people too lazy to say "catch you all later".. saying it really fast makes it "calculator".. used especially when hurrying out of a friend's car.. or when done IMing or txting a group of friends or exiting a chat room..
me (IMing with more than 2 friends): hey gtg guys, calculator!
friend 1: i'll calculator too! bye!
friends 2 & 3: sure!

me (thanking friends for a ride home): thanks! calculator!
friends: hopefully soon!
by crookedplanks October 05, 2010
A useful object for those who are shit at maths. However, usually it is completely useless and is the perfect tool for getting someone's attention. All in all, it can be a weapon of maths (GET ITTTT? UB) destruction.
Person #1: OI

Person #2; -no response-
Person #1; -starts tapping person #2 with calculator with a cheesy grin-
Person #2; gtfo
by Lazzah September 28, 2009
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