A cookie made from cake mix, eggs, and cooking oil.
Chocolate cakies taste good and are easy to eat because they're like cookies. I ate them all.
by General Sapo March 19, 2008
Top Definition
a famous boy born in the city of Trenton who started the famous nickname Cakie
"Look at the Cakie"

"it must of been that Cakie"
by Noljack March 30, 2010
A cakie is a small creature made entirly of cake, mainly found lurking around buffets after midnight.

Do not approach the Cakie, they will attack with great force, using their cake like minions!!
"Oh dear god that cakie is eating your face!"

"I know, tis a terrible affliction"

"Run!! Run for the hills!!"

by Katie "smelly" Bobilos June 21, 2006
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