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Slang term for an Officer's cocktail party. From the Royal Navy.
Not another butt licking cake and arse party (When a meeting is called by those in charge whose ego is in need of a massage)
by jetfueldrinker April 13, 2005
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Military Slang for when something goes FUBAR

(Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition)
Mate, you gotta check out the Crap Hats...
They're making a real Cake and Arse Party out of their exercise!
by Saccade October 11, 2008
British military noun copied from the cockney term for a farce.
Used to describe an operation that has become a disorganised mess.
Synonym for clusterfuck, fuck-up
Things started well but soon turned into a total cake and arse party.
by JackSplash February 13, 2015

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