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1. Unique spellin so unique girl
2. Has a great sense of humor and is always smiling or laughing
3. Very sexy and hot even if she denies it
4. Is extremely shy unless you get to know her then she will open up very easily
5. Wants the guy to make the first move
6. Impatient

7. Loving, loyal, awesome
8. Will give you all her heart in a relationship
9. Has a tough shell but soft in the inside and will stand up for herself

Admirer: who's that sexy girl?
Friend: o that's caitline she's really nice and trustworthy
Admirer: should I ask her out?
Friend: yeah she's way to shy and sh won't wait for u either so act fast


girl: hey who's that bitch
friend: that's my best friend caitline I wouldn't be callin her a bitch unless you wanna lose some teeth!!
by Ctc47 February 18, 2010
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