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Red-headed with blue eyes. She is shy at first but as soon as you start speaking to her she opens up and sometimes it becomes impossible to shut her up. She's got a cute smile and a weird laugh that everyone loves. Caitlin is very trustworthy and has a lot of friends. Has loads of talents and can always brighten up your day. When she gets angry she can be scary but sometimes she even scares herself she's that out of control. She if smart and witty but sometimes she's not very organised. She gets on with most people. Caitlin doesn't generally except compliments and often denies what you've said. She's self conscience but when it matters most she holds her head up and forgets what everyone else thinks. She is always smiling and laughing so if she's not then you know something is up.
"Is there something up with Caitlin? She's unusually quiet today..."
by goomlover March 27, 2013
Caitlin is the irish name for pure.
usually has dark hair and eyes. Always a beautiful exotic face with a captivating smile and laugh. model looks, with big tits. and really good at blowjobs.

the nicest girl you'll ever meet but usually a little shy and wants the guy to make the first big move. but when not shy is hilarious and fun to be around.
person1: whos that hot ass girl shes looks kinda shy
person2: oh thats just a caitlin.
by Troy12345 December 27, 2008
The most amazing girl u could ever met. Will rock your world and make your life amazing. She is fun, loveable, and amazing. definitly sumone u want to meet
*dam my girlfriend is a Caitlin*
by zackeroo May 03, 2009
A crazy, yet sometimes depressed girl who is almost addicting to the people around her. She is very unique and loves being unique and hates almost everyone who doesn't like her friends. She is good with animals and making people feel better, usually. Can get EXTREMELY mad, but not often. It takes a lot to push her over the edge. Her parents can do this easier than most people. Loves the color green.
You, "Someone ran over my cat's tail.!"
Caitlin, "Can I come over and help bandage it up.?"
You, "Yeah, if you want to, you can."
by Rosemerryn April 03, 2010
Usually Brunette.
They're nice, caring, a lot crazy, outgoing, and most of the time can be quite shy. Cute and amazing. If you are really close to her, then you know how shy and quiet changes like the a girl changes clothes. Caitlins are really funny and fun to be around but don't get on their bad side.

Can be a little 'inappropriate' at times or a lot, and never takes anything seriously. It doesn't seem like it but caitlins talk a lot about everything, very open. Caitlins like to joke around and freckled ones can be the best or be the worst. Sometimes have dimples.
Person 1- "You know the girl over their laughing her ass off?"

Person 2- "Yeah, she's a total Caitlin
by thatoneguywholikesyou February 25, 2013
caitlin craziest most loving girl you'll ever meet! so much fun and very loyal! shes very loud, and fairly opinionated. absolutly gorgeous but with serious self esteem issues :P she loves her family and friends! love her more than life :)
"meet my RUDE BOSSY BEST BEST friend, Caitlin
by adhsfjahusdfhk February 03, 2010
An amazingly awesome and cool girl. The ONLY correct way to spell this name. This does NOT include Kaitlyn, Catlin, etc. Some characteristics of Caitlins are:
*being super-cute
*having gorgeous hair (often blond)
*pretty eyes (often green or hazel)
*being quite wild and loud, sometimes at inappropriate times
*amazing kisser
*has an amazing butt, which guys can't seem to keep their hands off of

Generally, all-around rad :)
"Who's that sexy blond over there?"
"I'm not sure, but it could definitely be a Caitlin"

"My best friend is amazing and beautiful!"
"Oh, Caitlin?"
"Yeah" :D
by andy the mermaid May 26, 2010
cutiest, prettiest, most beautiful girl that i know. she has a cute smile, and a cute laugh.she is the most perfect girl in the world
I love you caitlin.

Caitlin your cute.
by johnficus June 20, 2010