saying you are something but its only half way true. it is known as cain velasquez because he is the "first mexican heavyweight champion" when he was born in salinas, ca and has always lived in the U.S. he is an american of mexican decent not a mexican. therefore he is posing himself as something hes not.
wait is that girl italian or she cain velasquez italian?
by bamf^2 October 27, 2010
Top Definition
The baddest Motherfucker ever to in the UFC heavyweight division.
Guy 1: Hey did you watch UFC 110?
Guy 2: Hell ya the best part was cain velasquez tormenting that guy with those eight punches to tha mutha fuckin face
Guy: *_*, HELL YA DUDE!
by Mac Dre's Friend July 23, 2010
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