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Cailly is a common name pronounced kay-lee but rarely spelled like "Cailly". When someone is named Cailly, they grow up to be extremely popular to the opposite sex, being irresistably attractive, sexy, and humorous. People named Cailly always have the most beautiful and hot bodies. Whenever you meet a Cailly, they always remain in your thoughts because of how bold, hilarious and how easily it is to get turned on by them. Cailly's are always the best in bed and if you are lucky enough to have one for a night, you will never forget it. Cailly's will give you the thrill of a lifetime.
Guy1: Woah shit, look at that hot girl over there! She's definitely got a Cailly body!

Guy2: You're right about that, but do you think she'd be as good in bed as a Cailly?
by Mandarine November 24, 2012
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