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Pronounced Kelly, Caelie is an Irish name for a smart, funny, and life loving girl. Someone who likes to have fun and is quite often a natural redhead with green eyes who's fair skinned and covered in freckles.
Guy 1: Hey I just hung out with this really cool and hot chick.

Guy 2: Oh? What was her name?

Guy 1: Dude, what else would it be? Caelie.

Guy 2: Oh, duh. How stupid of me to even ask.
by CaelieO February 03, 2010
A person who is very prude, has no sense of humor.
They have a huge ass and no boobs.
They hate sex and are straight edge.
"Caelies" love to sing and "play" They act like they're 5 and don't like to grow up
-Wow, she is such a "caelie"
by Im hot your not June 14, 2009

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