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1. A douche from the state of California, (where douche-bags likely originated).

2. An explosion of doucheness, as in CA-DOUCHE!

3. The sound a genie makes after a woman finishes describing her perfect man.
What a cadouche!
#asshole #californian #douche #jackass #kadouche #bro #doosh #cadoosh
by cakepan March 27, 2010
A non-athlete member of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. A member of the corps that acts hard and militiristic, however never actually serves in the military.
I was trying to go to football practice when I was stopped by a cadouche for not having a short enough haricut.
#douchebag #toolbag #shitbag #rotc nazi #unathletic #jackass
by JHAAPY SLAPPY November 06, 2009
A reference from one US Navy corpsman to another who hates his current job, or is just a complete asshole. Term derives from combining the words corpsman and douche. Also applies to those who have never been deployed but still act like they're God's gift to medicine.
Corpsman Joe Navy: Dammit, I hate dealing with whiny dependants all day.

Corpsman #2: What a cadouche!


Corpsman Joe Navy: Oh yeah? Well I can do needle decompression and cricothyrotomies and intraosseous needles and (blah blah blah)

Corpsman #2: This asshole's never done any of that. What a cadouche.
#douche #corpsman #navy #medic #cadoosh #cadouch #cuhdouche #codouche
by emt0199419 May 20, 2010
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