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The highest point of mortal anger. Common instances include awkward silences ending with a sense of impending doom, or death threats involving beating you to death with such objects as a Nerf Mace. The best approach to dealing with a Caddymad individual is changing your name and identity, then spending the rest of your life living on a remote mountaintop. Responding in any other fashion has been officially classified as Suicide, and is not advised in any situation.

Anger is classified into twelve distinct categories: Gandhi, Stoned, Asleep, Average, Annoyed, Irritated, Ticked Off, Pissed Off, Angered, Wrathful, Homicidal Rampage, and CaddyMad. A numerical system of anger was once proposed, but declined due to the fact that even infinity is too small too contain CaddyMad.
An Actor leaves before a performance, and must be replaced at the last minute. Another actor is CaddyMad, and when he shows up the next day he is mysteriously never seen again, although he does make a surprise reappearance as the part of Yorick in the next showing of Hamlet.
by The Left Side of Infinity December 05, 2010
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