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Now becoming more and more popular with many serial killers, cadaveball is a growing sport wherein one takes their dead body (cadaver) and sections it up, removes the head, thereafter places the fingers or limbs in a set up, and rolls the decapitated head in order to knock them down.

a maximum score of 20 (for fingers and toes) and 30 points coined to each limb, for a total point set of 140.
it is a serial killer's goal to strive for a perfect 140, so they will kill until it is reached. then they will laugh with glee as they are obtaining a lethal injection.
Grave robber: shittt! now I have to go find a new one..I only scored 70 off of that cadaver I got in the cemetery, grave robbing.
Serial killer: meh...I've only reached 120...this sucks. I'm ready for prison now! I'm really hating cadaveball.
by IKilledTheParty February 19, 2010