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A cack actor - i.e. a person who takes themselves seriously as an actor but is actually cack at acting and somewhat lacking in both humility and reality. A cactor is often more concerned about being photographed and name-dropping celebrities than they are about learning how to act - or they may take a ton of acting classes but it makes no difference. The cactor works very hard to succeed as an actor - spending a ton of money and time on professional photos of themselves, and posting them everywhere as if vanity equated to talent. Typical of wannabe actors and actresses who are deluded about their talents, sound like Derek Zoolander, and in reality will never stand shoulder to shoulder with real talent. "Actor" or "Actress" who is really a full-time bartender / waiter / receptionist / shop clerk with a piece of shit showreel that they brag about. Aka "shactor" - a shit actor.
Steve: "Angela's boasting about the time she met Holly Hunter and how it's her ambition to work with her one day" Me: "Yeah but overlooks one important fact: Holly Hunter's an oscar winning actress. Angela is a cactor."
by itellsitidoes July 20, 2011

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