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An unpleasant arrangement of sounds. Can be used to denote disharmonization of a body of sounds, or those which are particularly intrusive.
Although I normally like plane rides, the three babies behind me created an unbearable cacophony.
by Rayne Lynn October 20, 2006
86 15
Speed Metal
Jason Becker + Marty Friedman
by Anonymous May 21, 2004
89 40
Sound made my friends who attempt to sing in Rock Band.
Me: Ming sucks dick at singing. Why did he even buy Rock Band?
Friend: Word. He sounds like a fuckin' cacophony.
by Dumbassss July 29, 2009
21 8
In Mario Kart 64, the sound made when someone loses a banana tail when it is either hit with a shell or run over by another player.
Jafari: Check out my banana tail!
Dave: (runs over banana tail) Not anymore!
Eric and Louis: Nice cacophony!!
(Jafari quickly loses and gets smoted.)
by smotejafari August 17, 2008
16 13
A collection of annoying, out of place sounds.
Dubstep is a cacophony
by MEMEYOUYOU December 02, 2012
3 1
The rhythm that doesn't rhyme itself.
"Dude, this song sucks...what a cacophony!!"
by Sid De Poo June 22, 2006
15 22
Look at the new pictures in my bio.
Cacophony my bio. It rules. I have the bestest pictures EVER.
by JennfromDC August 13, 2004
5 63