canoeing with a keg in the back. especially popular among students in the North, and among male rugby players. the object is to get drunk while sort of splashing around for hours. relatively unsafe, given the large possibility of drowning.
coach g: "50 tris! undefeated! rock on! what should be do to celebrate?"
unanimous: "let's go cabrewing!"
by lauren brackenbury July 07, 2005
Top Definition
The act of floating down a river in a canoe or raft while drinking alcoholic beverages. Usually done in large groups. No paddeling is involved unless absolutely necessary. As a practical joke, it is a common occurrance to flip over other canoes. Usually done in a shallow body of water where wading is possible due to frequent potty breaks.
We were all sunburned, wet, and drunk after a long day of cabrewing.
by ukwildkat April 25, 2009
Partaking of alcholic beverages while canoeing down a river.
Every time I go cabrewing, dragonflys tickle my toes.
by rhythmicfarts January 16, 2015
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