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Historical Last Name which signifies royalty and a line of rich heritage known to be Royal Blood, Poets, Artists, Musicians, Navigators, Religious people.

1. Pedro Alvares Cabral, famous navigator and the King of Portugal.

2. Cape Verdean Music of Amandio Cabral, composer of the morna/songs called "mornas,"

3. Mainly European/Potuguese but have their decendants spread out all over the world; Latin America, Spain, Mexico and even Asia(India, Sri Lanka).
wow, is he a Cabral? I sooooo wana be with him

Cabrals are AWESOME!

I sooooo wanna be a Cabral
by Reo C October 24, 2009
A common last name of small women who love to give oral.
Jimmy matched up with a Cabral
by James Moran May 20, 2008