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A nickname for someone you love unconditionally. The nickname Cabba should only be used for those girls that you can actually trust. A Cabba will be there through anything and everything. She is beautiful, intelligent, and emotionally stable. She is everything you have ever wanted in a girl. The term Cabba comes from the longest string of letters a LG8700 cell phone could achieve when pressing the number 2 in T9Word mode.
You: "Cabba, I love you"
You: "Cabba, your the best" (Actually repetition as Cabba is already the best)
by DBP4DBP February 09, 2010
An expression for almost anything cool, peace-related, hippie-related, music stuff. Any thing awesome. xtreme maybe. Or just alone is cool. or referring to a cool guitar solo in classic rock...
"that was cabba dude!"
by charlie rocker February 13, 2006
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