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Entertainment in a club/bar of a sleazy kind
"Now I'm Of Consenting age to be forgetting you in a cabaret..."

The Lyrics To 'But It's Better If You Do' By Panic! At The Disco
by RxAxM August 15, 2007
One of the most rad musicals ever, especially if done by the BTWHSPVA Entertainers.

also adjective:

super cool and dramatic
Whoa. That movie was so Cabaret!
by McLizzieTheSurgeon April 02, 2006
(Philippine English) A strip club
Where is the best cabaret in this place?
by Mr. Yoso June 28, 2012
An old name for a stripclub.
Hey i heard there was a new cabaret in town,maybe theres some sexy girls there to take there top off for us.
by dimp April 08, 2006
A series of popular, and often overplayed, broadway songs taken out of their original context to create a pseudo show with a lack of plot. These shows are often performed by singers who are not talented enough to be cast in the original works. The "audiences" of these shows are usually people who claim to love musicals, but think the libretto and plot are too complicated in comparison to the song's chord progressions.
Man 1: Hey, Frank and all of his little high school friends are putting on a cabaret. Do you want to go?

Man 2: No.
by The Real-ist April 20, 2009
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